“Their sound, an explosive mix of Au Pairs, the Slits, X-Ray Spex and early Siouxsie and the Banshees influences, was layered with something else – something hilarious but deadly serious, cutting yet colored by a love and self-respect that could only spring from the familial, from friendship bonds so tight each person finishes the other’s sentences. A ‘something else’ springing from the obstinacy required to thrive in mid-80’s Houston, in all of its swampy, concrete, billboard grazed, freeway-strangled, police-brutality tainted glory.” – Heather Johnson in MRR #410, July 2017


Formed in 1978 and fronted by women, Mydolls is an American post-punk band from Houston, Texas, which appeared in Wim Wenders’ classic film Paris, Texas. As one of Houston’s earliest punk bands, Mydolls created a DIY sound that was as ethereal, fluid and poetic as it was politically charged and feminist. With 40 years of history, Mydolls continue to perform today with their original lineup.